This Bachelor Thesis consists on the creation of a new application for the EPS-UAM’s Intranet used for the management of tutees and spaces. This application has been done because the Intranet didn’t have these functionalities. Because of this, the management of tutees and spaces was done sending a document, filled by the tutor, which had to reach different people and almost always ended up forgotten, so the tutees weren’t registered in the Intranet until much later. This system was very tedious and not very reliable. With this new application, the tasks are done in a fast and easy way, always making sure the information is not lost. To carry out the creation of each of the pages that make this application we worked with a relational database which stores the necessary information for the management of the pages using SQL language. The pages have been programmed using ASP.NET for the user interface and C# for the functional logic. Visual Studio has been used for the creation, execution and debugging of the pages. One part of the project consists on sending automatic emails every week, we used PowerShell scripting and the Windows Task Scheduler for this part. To check that the pages worked correctly we carried out verification and integration tests, using the Visual Studio debugger; validation tests, working only with the web browser; and acceptance tests by final users, in which the pages were published in the Intranet and the users could access them.